Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup is a flawless application of makeup.  It leaves you amazed at what your own beauty can be.  Airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun and compressor.  This is a light application of makeup that lets your skin breathe and never looks cakey.  It is water resistant and smudge proof, lasting all day! The real testament is the flawless complexion that shows through in photos. Airbrush makeup was made for HD television, so the way it is applied is in little dots, like pixels in a picture.  This leaves you looking flawless in photo or video.  This is great for everyday or a special occasion where you will be photographed. 

Make your appointment for your senior pictures, prom, engagement pictures, wedding day, or family photos!

Halloween or a special occasion? Have a great idea of something you want to become, but can't get the look down? Come in and let us help create a look for you.  Dolls to mermaids to devils, we can create them all!


  • Airbrush Makeup Application(includes false lash application)-$75

  • Halloween/Creature Creation- Call for Consult price