Dalliance Spa

Hi, I'm Shandi! I am a licensed esthetician, professional airbrush makeup artist, dog lover, oh and the owner of Dalliance Spa & Salon!


I have always had a passion for makeup and boosting people's self confidence.  I have to thank and give credit to my mom for my passion of beauty and life.  My mom practiced her love of makeup on me when I was young and passed those skills on.  After years of being told to do what you love, I decided making people feel beautiful and confident in themselves was it.  I set myself apart from the rest because this isn't just a job to me.  I am passionate about providing the best service.  Maybe to a point of OCD. My clients can all confirm this. :) My approach is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Everything should always be a positive experience.  Whether it is simple makeup tricks, ideas on how to make your waxing service last longer, steps to keep your skin glowing for a lifetime, or even just a vent session.. I hope you visit Dalliance and give us the chance to make you feel beautiful.